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Mystic Art

Mystic or Dharma Art 



Jamyang Tenphel is an Australian born Buddhist practitioner, who uses his meditation training and experience to create pieces of visual art. The paintings operate on an aesthetic and a spiritual level and can be used as meditation aids.

Jamyang has been influenced by both Eastern and Western Art movements; particularly the calligraphic and design elements of Tantric Buddhist Art of the Himalayan regions, and the Abstract Minimalist art of people like Mark Rothko.

Jamyang uses colour and form sparingly, in order to introduce the viewer to an associated feeling, emotion or mind state, similar to the 'pared back' mind states of meditative experience. The work can be described as Buddhist Expressionism.

In these paintings the visual medium is used to introduce people to ideas, experiences and feelings that, according to Buddhist philosophy, already exist within themselves, but may not be evident on a day to day basis. These thoughts, experiences and feelings - such as profound wisdom, great compassion, spaciousness, peace, and equanimity - are considered by Buddhists to be each human being's 'original nature'. In this sense the paintings could be seen as mirrors.

Each painting is blessed in a traditional Buddhist way and comes with an explanation sheet.